Savings Accounts

Saving at Westmark will help your money amount to more.

Westmark offers several very attractive Savings Account options. No matter what your saving habits are, we have the account for you.

Our Primary Savings Account is your required membership account and provides you with voting privileges (16 year olds and up) for election of the Board of Directors.

Also, if you do not have a Westmark Checking Account, upon request you can receive a FREE ATM card to provide you access to your Primary Savings Account 24 hours per day seven day a week.

If you have a Westmark Checking Account, you can access your Primary Savings with your VISA Check Card.

The Daily Dividend Savings Account allows you to save for specific and multiple purposes under the same membership account (Holiday and/or Vacation).

Platinum Money Market Savings Account does not require a minimum balance; however, the premium dividend rates for this product start at the $20,000 tier.

Westmark's ATM Card provides FREE access to your Primary Savings Account if you are using a Westmark ATM. However, there is a $1 service charge for each withdrawal made from other financial institution ATMs in addition to any charge the other financial institution may impose.

See our Interest Rates page for rate information.

Savings Products Comparison Chart
  Primary Savings Daily Dividend Savings Platinum Money Market Savings
Monthly Service Fee No No No
Minimum Balance Requirement $5 Membership Account ($5 per account holder) None $20,000 required or rate reverts to published dividend rate for Primary Savings Account
Dividend Compounded Quarterly Monthly Monthly
Statement *Quarterly *Quarterly *Quarterly
Automatic or Direct Deposit Yes Yes Yes
Transaction Restrictions none none 6 free withdrawals or transfers per month. Additional $10.00 each

*Statements are sent quarterly on Savings Accounts unless you have an active Westmark Checking Account or active Loan, then you will receive a monthly statement.