EagleOne Financing

Finance your new car at any of our dealers
with EagleOne Financing

To provide our members with even more convenience when financing an automobile, Westmark now offers EagleOne Financing at many local automobile dealers. Westmark has partnered with these local dealers to allow Westmark members to finance their purchase on site quickly and conveniently.

With EagleOne Financing, you will be guaranteed a highly competitive interest rate, as well as the convenience of having your loan processed at the dealership and sent right to your credit union.

There are two ways you can finance your next car purchase with Westmark using our Eagle One Financing program. Either stop by any Westmark branch and get pre-approved before you shop, and if qualified we will send you to the dealership with a pre-approved Eagle One Financing Certificate. You can then finalize your purchase right at the dealership and you won’t need to return to the credit union! Or if it is more convenient, simply make one visit to your local dealership and ask for Eagle One financing with Westmark Credit Union!

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