Check Card

Westmark Visa Check Card

Use the Westmark VISA Check Card just like a credit card, except that the funds will be deducted directly from your checking account.

The VISA Check Card

  • Offers you world-wide purchasing power, by allowing you access to your checking account and Advance Line with any merchant that accepts a VISA Credit Card.
  • Allows you access to your cash from your savings and checking accounts at an ATM, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. . . up to $600 per day.
  • Enables you to deposit cash or checks to your savings or checking account through Westmark ATMs.
  • May be used to transfer money between your share savings and your checking account at a Westmark ATM.
  • Your monthly statement provides a detailed history of your transactions.

A randomly generated Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be assigned to your card and sent to you in a separate mailing from your card. Your new PIN is uniquely associated with your specific card and not with your Westmark Account Access PIN which will be used for accessing other services such as CALL-24 and Personal Branch. Your PIN number should always be kept confidential.

Your ATM or VISA Check Card(s) may be used in any Westmark ATM as well as in any ATM displaying CIRRUS or STAR logos. These machines are located nationwide and in most foreign countries.