Account-to-Account Transfers

Electronically transfer money between all your Financial Institutions

Account-to-Account Transfers (A2A) allows you to electronically transfer funds between your Westmark account and your account at another financial institution. Transfers can be made into your Westmark account, or from your Westmark account, all within our Online Banking.*

A2A is managed through our Online Bill Pay system, part of our Personal Branch. To use the A2A, you need to have an active Westmark checking account and be signed up for Personal Branch and our free Online Bill Pay service.

Account-to-Account provides these great features:

  • New accounts are easy to setup. All you need is the Routing Number and Account Number of your other Financial Institution and within a couple of business days, you are ready to transfer to or from that account.**
  • Once an account is verified making a transfer is as easy as selecting the account you want to transfer from and the account you want to transfer to, then enter the transfer amount and date you want the transfer done.
  • A2A transfers can be processed as soon as the next-business day, or you may schedule it to be done on a future date. ***
  • Transfers can be a one-time transfer or setup on an automatic recurring schedule.
  • You can set e-mail reminders to be sent out when a transfer needs to be made.

To start using Account-to-Account transfers, simply click on the Bill Pay tab once you are logged onto Personal Branch. Click Here to enroll in our Personal Branch.

* Transaction Fees apply for each transfer made. Fees are directionally governed and will be different depending on the direction of the transfer. Daily and weekly transfer limits also apply.

** Account verification is required prior to making transfers.

*** Transfer cutoff time is 8:00 p.m. MST Monday-Friday. Transfers cannot be scheduled on a weekend or holiday and will be processed the next business day.

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